Welcome to "Fan Brush"

This website is dedicated to all those of you who want to experience "The joy of painting" with the wet on wet technique created by Bob Ross.

Tired of other techniques, always wanted to paint but don't know how to do it, looking for a simple but effective way to put your artistic dreams on a canvas? Bob Ross has created a method of painting that is suitable for everyone, either if you have never painted before or if you are already familiar with different kind of mediums and paints.

What is so special about this technique that makes it so unique and enjoyable?

Specifically designed brushes and oil colours are used on a "wet" canvas to create beautiful pictures. A Bob Ross medium is applied to the canvas before we start, so that we can mix and blend the colours directly on the canvas during the painting. You can come along at the classes and have a go. Find out how easily you can achieve very satisfactory results during an exciting painting day. Also keep en eye on news and events for painting demos and/or make and take workshops in your area.

Many people would like to paint but think that they can't do it, especially if they can't draw. In one of the videos, Bob shows a beautiful painting created by the daughter of one of Bob Ross American Instructors: she is six year old! Do you know what Bob says? "Well, if a six year old child can do this, then you have no excuse!" It means that all what you need to paint with Bob Ross Technique is… the desire of painting!

Find out more about the technique through the website.