Fan Brush Vouchers

Why not buying for your friend(s) or relatives a voucher to redeem at the painting class? It could be a new idea for a present (birthday, Christmas, any special occasion or simply to be nice!).

There are different amount available: 5, 10, 20 and 47. Send a cheque for the value you would like to buy and I will send you a colourful voucher you can use for your gift!

Have you received a voucher for a painting class? Its simple to redeem it: send your voucher and a cheque (for 47 voucher value) with your booking form!

If you have received a 47 voucher you are even luckier! All what you have to do is sending it with your booking form and enjoy the day at the class: Happy Painting!

Voucher 5

Voucher 10

Voucher 20

Voucher 47